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Socialist for LD22 Pos 1

A candidate for the working people of Washington

Jonny Meade for Washington

The Socialist Choice

Jonny Meade will put working people first. He is refusing all corporate PAC money and will focus on taking on Amazon, Boeing, and other tax-dodgers to address the COVID-19 pandemic. We must start making these corporations pay their fair share so that working families—kids, seniors, and essential workers—can get the help they desperately need. This means a guarantee of health care, accessible education, and other services.

The Green Choice

We know climate change is real. The debate is over. The time has come to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and guarantee living wage jobs with massive investments in green, renewable energy infrastructure—solar and wind are the future. We also must guarantee housing as a human right and put an end to gentrification, urban sprawl, and developer bailouts.

The People's Choice

The current pandemic has pulled the mask off of capitalism and shown that many of our elected leaders are not capable of addressing the needs of working-class families. In a government infested with corporate money and influence, Jonny Meade will serve regular people, not lobbyist interests. Public funding of elections and ranked-choice voting will be Jonny’s top priorities.

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