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We cannot force the working people of Washington to make a false choice between economic security and our physical well-being. Addressing the impacts of COVID-19 on the families of Washington State is the critical challenge that we face.

The issues that we face are interconnected. This page will be updated as we hear from our community about the best material solutions for the working people of Washington State.

  • Kicking corporate influence out of government
    • End corporate tax loopholes for large corporations like Boeing and Amazon
    • Ending regressive taxes on working people
    • Ranked Choice Voting
    • Progressive Ballot Access
  • Equity in Education
    • Fully fund remote access to K-12 education
    • Using existing state broadband internet infrastructure for education
    • Subsidize access where public infrastructure isn’t available
    • Provide laptops and other vital technology to under-served communities
    • Read our full equity in education plan
  • Universal Public Broadband
    • Promote telecommuting and safe social interaction
    • New jobs in fiber and wireless infrastructure
    • Partnerships with Native tribes, non-profits, and co-ops
    • Resources for small farms and rural communities
    • Using our infrastructure, paid for BY the people, FOR the people.
  • Working-Class Washington Bail Out
    • State-wide Living Wage (tracked to productivity, cost of living, and inflation)
    • Mandatory hazard pay for high-risk jobs
    • Extend unemployment benefits
    • Expand health care services (community health centers and public hospital districts)
    • Increase food and nutrition assistance
    • State Jobs Guarantee
    • Strengthen protections for workers, trade unions and worker-owned co-ops
  • Washington State Public Bank
    • Independence from Wall Street
    • 100% divestment from fossil fuels
    • State funds under citizen control
    • Secure permanent funding for state infrastructure projects
    • Worker Ownership Loan Fund
    • Low-Barrier, No Cost Basic Banking Services
  • Housing as a Human Right
    • End corporate developer bailouts
    • Invest in public housing
    • Rent/mortgage assistance, rent control
    • Zoning adjustments to allow tiny house villages
    • Increased funding for low barrier shelters
    • Mandated affordable housing on new construction
  • Justice and Equity
    • Respect Tribal Sovereignty
    • Invest in communities, not incarceration
    • LEO Reconciliation, Accountability, and Oversight Commission
    • Ban the use of chemical agents by law enforcement statewide
    • End private prisons, and eliminate cash bail
  • Green Future
    • Science-based long term decision making
    • Protect our ecology and biodiversity
    • Protecting our waterways
    • Restoring the Deschutes Estuary
    • Massive state investment in solar and offshore wind
    • Move Washington to 100% renewable and sustainable energy
    • Expand municipal control of power infrastructure
    • No new rate increases for utilities burning fossil fuels

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