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Our Simple Privacy Policy

Jonny for WA operates this website for the purposes of promoting an electoral campaign in the State of Washington, USA.

We collect information on users of this site, such as IP address, geolocation, web browser, operating system, and other metrics for the purposes of debugging and analytics.

When visitors to this website make a donation to our campaign, we collect basic information such as name and address for the purposes of validating credit cards. Cards are validated via Stripe.

The State of Washington Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) requires that we collect information on donors’ occupation and employer. This information will not be shared with the PDC unless you donate more than $50. State law also requires that we make our books available to anyone in the week leading up to election day. We will safeguard all supporter information, but keep in mind that all political contributions in the State of Washington are potentially public records.

We may collect various other information, such as your age, email address, phone number, etc, for the purposes of contacting you for volunteering or other opportunities with the campaign.

This information will be saved only for the purposes of contacting you regarding this campaign. We will not share this information with 3rd parties, ever.

If you have any questions or want us to delete any of your information we may have saved, email